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Create any of these NEW videos with our fast drag & drop editor, accessible from any browser and rendered in under 30 seconds.

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  • Easy to Use Templates.
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Need Variety? We Got That.

Turn Boring Tweets into Engaging Videos.

Turn Boring Tweets into Engaging Videos

Screenshots don't get attention. Turn tweets into high-converting video ads for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

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Create Your Own Mock Chat Video in 2 Minutes.

Create Your Own Mock Chat Video in 2 Minutes

Our simple drag & drop conversation builder makes it easy and fun to create these videos.

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Loved by industry superstars.

"Worth every penny! These videos have crazy high engagement and CTR, our clients always love them. The best part is new templates every month. Highly recommend it!"

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"I've only been using Breakout Clips for a few days and already I can see how engaging their videos are. The team is also super responsive with any support questions."

Say goodbye to costly design applications.

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  • No Editing Skills Required!

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Local Businesses

Boost your walk-in business by letting customers know about weekly deals or discounts.

Special Occasions

When you need attention the most, we have you covered. Relevant animations for all seasonal and special occasions!

Digital Marketers

Impress your audience with unique, high-converting creatives for any type of business.

Ecommerce Brands

We bet your products would stand out more with our animations. More eyes on your products? What’s not to love!

Software Companies

Market your brand with real market-disrupting effects.


Get more clients to sign up for your service.

Premium, Hand-Crafted Videos for Everyone.

Whether you're an e-commerce brand or a retail store, our videos drive more attention through unique, high-converting animations.

Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Mail Messenger

Optimized for your favorite platforms.

Download your perfectly optimized videos to share anywhere. Ads, Posts, websites, emails, chatbots, text messages and more...

Reach & Convert Audiences On Any Platform

Facebook & Instagram

Perfectly optimized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn feeds to get your message across.

Email, Text & Messenger

Thanks to the ultra-compact file sizes, use direct attachments without any loss in resolution or animation quality.

Existing Videos

Even add them as intros/outros to existing videos for powerfully engaging logo reveals & branding.

Even throw them up on your website, eCom store, blog or landing pages without compromising page load speeds.

Videos That Drive Sales

Use our animations to capture attention
Notice the marketing text in the video background? Attention converting to sales in one video. :)
Once we have attention, we showcase a coupon inside the very same video!
The viewer goes to checkout with your coupon!

Designed by an award-winning animator.

Meet Our Co-Founder. Tim.

A wildly successful motion graphic designer in his own right, he’s garnered a loyal fan base over the past couple of years on Instagram by creating these exact types of animated 3D video ads.

The demand for his designs grew beyond adobe after effect specialists, and so we went back to the drawing board and created our very own platform so anyone could create them.

Here's some of the amazing videos customers have made with Breakout Clips.

Quick Summary of Everything You Get Inside Today...

A Video Toolbox for Your Brand

Never worry about what to create next. The ultimate playground for you to create disruptive animated videos, ads, posts... all in minutes!

Thousands of Video Templates

Video ads for all businesses and industries. You’re spoilt for choice.

Our Proprietary Mirror Feature

"Split" your video in 2 with the mirror effect feature that magnetically attracts viewers to your message.

Massive Library of 1,000+ Premium 3D Animations

Hand-crafted, premium animations and new ones added every week!

Millions of Free Images

Our Unsplash integration lets you quickly find pixel-perfect images to directly insert into your video ads.

Fully-Loaded Video Stock Footage Library

Add videos as your background instead of images.

Quickly & Easily Add Premium Music To Your Videos!

Get instant access to thousands of premium-sounding music tracks for your thumb-stopping videos.

Blistering Quick Rendering

Our optimized servers render your video ads lightning fast so you’ll be sharing your marketing creations in minutes.

Ready for All Platforms

Download your perfectly optimized video ad to share anywhere. Ads, Instagram, Facebook, websites, emails, chatbots, text messaging and more...

Create Dark Mode Videos

Give your videos that extra bit of flare by hitting the 'dark mode' switch inside your Breakout Clips account.

Stand Out With UNIQUE Promos

Customize each video template any way you want.

Import any image. Easily crop for the perfect look with the intuitive editor.

Customize your profile, post description & hashtags for compelling marketing messages.

Trusted by 200,000+ Brands.

"I've been using Breakout Clips for 2 months now and my business has exploded. I consider myself their #1 fan! Highly recommend signing up with them."

"I saw an immediate bump in traffic, which I feel contributed in part to the extra $20k in sales we made last month. We've loved using Breakout Clips in our business!"

"We went from 228 likes to 3,331 in a week and a half for just $2/day ad spend. I almost don't even want to share how great it is because it's such an excellent tool."

"Love, 👍LOVE IT! Great JOB! Looks very smooth and modern...nicely done. That deserves a unicorn...🦄"

"I have had amazing results. One post even got 101 000 views. I am AMAZED at how much people love my ads now!"

"I received more clicks and "how did you do that?!" comments than any other ad I have ever created. They are definitely eye catching. I rarely write reviews but this is a game changer!"

"Over 200% increase in CTR right off the bat! Also great customer service. I’ll definitely be using Breakout Clips for our future ads and social posts."

"Breakout Clips is my NEW FAVORITE video platform. I use them for creating entertaining as well as stop-in-your-tracks videos for our business. I LOVE them."

"Absolutely love these clips! I use them for advertising and always get comments! Brilliant!"

"What I love most about Breakout Clips is the ease of creation. The templates are user friendly and truly do get the response to my CTAs that I am going for!"

"The Breakout Clips team have been over the top amazing to me & my company. Incredibly innovative & fun to use. If you haven’t signed up for this service it. "

"WHOA! Started using this platform, and instantly got so many positive “likes” and feedback. BEST THING is their attentive and hasty response to any issue, INSTANT response. I’m a HUGE FAN FOR THAT ALONE!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Breakout videos perform so well?

Breakout Clips has “pattern-interrupt” technology baked into it so that you’re able to avoid banner blindness and stand out from the crowd in any social platform (for a direct increase in traffic, leads and sales).

These world-first 3D animation videos are now accessible to every single marketer without needing to custom code, edit or outsource 3D animation.

But it gets even better – you get to customize the post behind your 3D animation! Naturally, the animation draws attention. Prospects see your product/service in the same video they're glued to.

This is like free advertising once you get their attention!

Will Facebook and Instagram approve these video ads?

Yes, simply click our 'Ad-Friendly' button when creating your video ads and they'll be transformed into fully-compliant video ads ready for paid advertising.

What if I can't find animations for my business/industry?

We have over 1,000+ animations inside Breakout Clips. The animation itself doesn't necessarily need to be an object from your industry. The main objective of the animations are to capture attention, and you can insert images/video/text for your product or service behind it.

If you can get people looking at your video - you've achieved your goal! Scroll up and view all the examples of this page – most of them aren’t related to a specific industry but they get your attention, right?

Can I add animations over videos without the post template?

Yes! 30%+ of videos created in our platform hide the post template, and it couldn’t be easier! Click here to learn more.

Will this work on my computer or phone?

Yes! Breakout Clips is a 100% web-based app that works on ANY operating system, and is accessible directly from any internet browser. No downloads required!

What about support & updates?

You're covered with a full-time support team that's on hand to answer and resolve any questions you have. We update the platform with new features regularly, and new animations every single week! All updates will be synced to your account automatically so you’ll always have fresh content and features.

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